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15 January, 2010

Hacking LCA badges

It is an open secret that it is possible to "hack" the registration code which picks the random description printed at the bottom of your LCA name badge.

Here's a selection of this year's hacked badges:
  • colonel hacker

  • A society that gets rid of all its troublemakers goes downhill

  • generic humanoid unit

  • I know how to use sha1sum

  • This badge built on Gentoo, I started with a pine forest.

  • Yay, I cracked it!... Now what?

  • You will be assimilated.

  • coding WTFs since last millennium

  • double shot espresso, no sugar

  • echo -n "sysadmin at" | sha1sum

  • ImportError: No module named dcoles

  • Aaaarrrrgghghgh! Look behind you!

  • [======================------] 95%

  • Oops. Wrong Window (ask me)

  • i beat the internet

  • intentionally left blank

See if you can find them all during the week :)

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