2010 will be held in Wellington from 18 January to 23 January

10 January, 2010

Tips for International Guests coming to LCA2010

Here are some tips for our Australian and overseas guests:

  • Bring some trousers/pants. Wellington can be cold at times so you might need something else than just shorts.

  • Wellington can also be very windy, think about bringing a windproof jacket if you are planning to venture outside of the conference venue.

  • When changing your money, make sure you ask for North Island money, few shops in Wellington accept the Southern Dollar.

  • Your passport will be your only drinking license in NZ (foreign drivers licenses are typically not accepted in pubs).

  • All of NZ is currently UTC+13. This is 2 hours ahead of HST (Hobart Standard Time).

  • As you de-plane and recover your luggage, mind the sheep, they are a protected endangered species in New Zealand.

  • You can bring heaps of duty free alcohol. Should you have more than you can safely drink, the organisers are happy to accept bribes can help you sort it out.

Disclaimer: as with respectable travel guides, none of these facts have been checked and this post may contain some slight inaccuracies.

If you have any other questions, feel free to join the LCA2010-chat list or the IRC channel on Freenode.


Anonymous said...

I'll be visiting both islands. What is the current exchange rate between the northern and southern dollar?

Anonymous said...

2 southern sheep to one north island dollar

Olly Betts said...

I noticed a factual error in this post - the Chatham Islands are actually in a timezone 45 minutes ahead of the rest of New Zealand.

Anonymous said...

Beware of late nights touts offering "a nice bit of local lamb". They are *not* touting for local restaurants.

Anonymous said...

Peter Jackson has also been scrupulous in documenting New Zealanders' careful and considered approach to the treatment of sheep:

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