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14 December, 2009

Safety first!

As part of getting the catering for LCA sorted, Susanne has been keeping track of everybody's allergies and dietary requirements. Some of the responses were truly helpful:
> Dietary Requirements
> ====================
> In registering, you have noted a dietary requirement of:
> Vegetarian
> For health and safety reasons, please let me know how you react when you eat
> the above foods, how severe the reaction is, and what medical attention you
> need, if any, should a reaction occur. If you have already told us this
> information, then please ignore this message.

When I eat vegetarian food I develop a warm glow of satisfaction,
severity depending on the deliciousness of said food. The best medical
treatment is to take in fluids; either water or malt-based drinks are

Philip R.

Thanks Phil, we'll keep that in mind! In case of emergency, you may collect said beverage at the rego desk.

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