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05 August, 2009

300 submissions for the main conference!

Following my post on the incredible number of miniconfs we received this year, I have to say that the paper submissions (both presentations and tutorials) have also impressed the organising committee.

After extending the deadline for another week, we received a total of 300 submissions!

(Can you spot the original deadline and the beginning of the extension on this graph?)

Not only do we have quite a good number of them, but the quality is actually very good. It's making life harder on the reviewers :)

One of them posted this to the papers' committee list:
"Is anyone else finding it difficult to reject papers?"
(The answer of course is YES!)

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Christopher Neugebauer said...

Something I'd like to see once you've finished reviewing the papers would be to plot separate accepted/rejected curves vs. submission time (also for the miniconfs).

Would be interesting to see whether there's a correlation between quality and rushed submission.

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